Advanced Modules


The PLUJO store module provides you with the ability to manage a complete online retail system. Using PLUJO, you are are able to add products to a central database (within categories) and associate a price, description, SKU, image, etc. The products are then displayed on the live website giving your visitors the ability to add them to their "cart". Advanced features within the store allow for denatiled Inventory tracking and reports, location specific taxation, dynamic shipping calculations, etc.


Many not-for-profit organizations require the ability to process donations quickly and easily. This module allows you to create a list of "designations" or areas that people may donate to. Website visitors may then choose their designation, amount and process a full e-commerce transaction. PLUJO reports transactions, issues a receipt and exports to Excel for easy administration.

At this time, the PLUJO donation manager does NOT process recurring transactions.

Bulk Emailer

Developed specifically to interact with the PLUJO system core; this module allows you to easily filter a list of email accounts (integrated with the List Manager) and send a professionally formatted mass email to the chosen accounts holders. Standard email statistics are tracked (email opens, links clicked) as well as advanced details about the activities of each user on your website, based on an email campaign. Ultimately you are able to view a complete “landscape” of an email campaign; including user traffic, paths, conversion rates, etc.


What Our Clients Say

The PLUJO software is very easy to manipulate without any knowledge of computer code. I'm happy that we finally have a professional looking web presence that I can easily update
- Dana MacDonald -