Basic Modules

Web Page Manager

The web page manager is the core to the PLUJO system. This module manages pages, folder navigation and all of the main functions you required to create web pages within your web site. Placing images, linking to other web sites or files (PDF, etc.) are also features of this easy to use module.

Ad Manager

The posting and managing of small advertisements throughout a website is made simple with this module. You are able to quickly post an ad (name, link, image, code, etc.) with minimal effort. This ad may then be associated with one or several pages throughout the site. The website template is programmed to display these ads in either a random or rotating sequence.

Banner Manager

Many websites contain a graphical banner that displays across the top of the standard page template. This module allows you to upload images, associated text and even a link that will appear in this banner. You are also provided the ability to choose which banners will appear on which pages. This banner manager has been recently upgraded to use AJAX technology rather than Flash, allowing your banners to appear on computers that use Apple technology (iPhone, iPad, etc.).

Contact Form

This useful contact form module allows your website guests to complete a contact form (email, name, title, comments) on your website that, upon submission, will send an email to your chosen administrative contact. The Contact form is a proven way to protect against SPAM bots and the need to have to reveal your full email address online.

Website Statistics

This advanced statistics module provides you with both broad level site analysis (visits, unique visits, referrers, etc.), but also highly granular traffic analysis (user path browsing, path to conversion, location, etc.). This module can be modified to integrate with many other Plujo modules (Store, Blog, Mass Email, etc.). Plujo carries a very deep and rich collection of user data allowing this module to continually advance and generate new and more powerful reports.


What Our Clients Say

We've had some great, high-quality traffic and leads through the site in the last two weeks. Actually, we've had more in the last two weeks than in 8 months with our previous consultant.
- Natasha Moes -