Standard Modules

Audio Manager

Similar to the PLUJO Video Manager and, this module allows you to easily post an Audio file to your website. You are able to upload an MP3 file (this is a mandatory file format), enter a description and other related details. A listing of all audio files appears on the public website for visitors to easily listen to or download.


This module provides you with the “typical” blogging ability available in other open source programs. The blog module allows you to post blog entries about various topics (title, date, comments, images, etc.). The latest blog postings can be integrated with the home page of the web site as well as in an area specific to all blog entries (an archive). Based on settings that you control, website guests are able to post comments to each blog entry as they wish.


The event module serves as a basic calendar which displays a number of events in list or calendar formats. You are able to post an event (date, name, location, comments, etc.) and all appropriate information will appear in various places throughout the site (home page, calendar, etc.). This module can be paired with the e-commerce Registration module to allow websites guests the ability to register and pay for an upcoming event.


The Frequently Asked Questions module (FAQ) serves as a clear way to communicate with your customers. Using PLUJO, you are able to post a series of questions and answers, organize them into categories and display them on your website. FAQ's are presented in the typical fashion with questions at the top of the page and links that "jump" to the appropriate questions further down the page.

Photo Gallery

This standard module allows you to create a collection of image galleries. After defining a gallery (collection of images), you are able to upload Jpeg images, add comments and organize the images within the gallery. Website visitors are then able to easily scroll through the images as thumbnails and view large images with a single mouse click.

Inbound RSS

Allowing for cross-site promotion and information sharing, the Inbound RSS tool is a unique module. You are able to create RSS subscriptions within PLUJO that will draw articles and content from other websites feeds. Information can be drawn based on a full subscription or filtered by keyword to ensure only relevant information is harvested. The resulting headlines and links are then posted to your live website for your visitors to read and click through.

List Manager

This basic module allows you to collect the names and email addresses of interested visitors to the website. A form is added to a single page of the live web site. A “mini version” of the sign up form may be included in the design template if this is a key purpose of the website (to build an email list). After your website visitors sign up and are added to the database, you are able to view a report within the Plujo interface. This allows for easy distribute mass emails using outside software or services.


To allow for fast moving information to be posted to the web easily, the news module is often integrated with the home page and other aspects of the main website template. Through PLUJO, you are able to post a news item (title, date, comments, image, etc.) and have it automatically appear in all the appropriate places on the web (home page segment, archives, etc.).

People Manager

The PLUJO People Manager is not a complete CRM, but creates the foundation for lead and prospect management. Website visitors are added to a central database upon any action on your website (Contact Form submission, Email List Signup, Donation, Event Registration, Store Purchase, etc.). Once users are within your PLUJO database, all actions are tracked and reported to you. Actions include receiving an email, visiting the website, etc.

Staff Manager

This module provides an easy and effective way to display your Staff/Team and their profiles on your website. You are able to add staff information such as name, title, contact information, etc. into PLUJO and have it appear professionally formatted on the live site complete with an image of the Staff member and a link for a complete biography page.

RSS Feeds

Integrated with the Blog, News, Photo, Audio and Video modules; the PLUJO RSS Manager allows you to create an RSS feed for your various collections of information. Within PLUJO you are able to set up multiple RSS feeds and manage all the custom settings for each. Website visitors are able to easily subscribe to your feeds using their RSS readers and browsers.

Social Media Engine

As a brand new module to the PLUJO collection, the Social Media Engine is one the most powerful modules to date. Integrating with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, this module allows you to quickly post data to multiple social networks with a single click. All data is tracked and reported for a detailed understanding of which networks and social methods are generating more marketing impact.

SEO Tools

The PLUJO SEO tools module is actually a collection of tools and features that allow you to better optimize your site for Search Engines. Tools such as 301 Redirects for adjusting old URLs and a dynamically generated XML site map for submission to Google, Yahoo and other prominent Search Engines are included.

Testimonial Manager

This standard module allows you to enter the name, title, company and quote into a central testimonial database. The system then displays these testimonials on a main listings page on the live site. With this module, testimonials may also be integrated within the site template (randomly displaying 1 of the many testimonials throughout all pages in the site).

Video Manager

In the same fashion as, this module allows you to easily post video throughout your website. Through PLUJO, you are able to upload an FLV file (this is a mandatory file format) or post embed code directly from, enter a description and other related details. A listing of all videos appears on the public website. Additionally, you are provided with a “code snippet” that allows the video to be embedded into any area of the website (within a page, news article, etc.) and even other websites.

Email Tracking

Directly integrated with the Bulk Email Marketing Module, the Email Tracking module allows you to review email campaign results in high level reports for opens and click through rates. Additionally, due to the integrated nature of PLUJO, you are provided with detailed session analysis, allowing you to observe the exact actions of each customer as they open an email, click and browse your website. The end result is a very deep and intimate understanding of your customer patterns so that you may better lead them to conversion.

Social Media Tracking

Directly integrated with the Social Media Engine, Marketing Module, this module allows you track and review the specific results from your Social Media interactions. Values such as Twitter "reach", Facebook likes, etc. You are provided with reports that help you understand what posts and terms are catching the attention of your market and prospects.


What Our Clients Say

The PLUJO software is very easy to manipulate without any knowledge of computer code. I'm happy that we finally have a professional looking web presence that I can easily update
- Dana MacDonald -